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Great product

I saw this reviewed in Fine Cooking several years ago and ordered it. Since then It is basically the only spatula I use. It's the absolute best.

Fabulous bread knife and at an amazing price point!.... Was using a very expensive bread knife for years and just expected that bread didn't cut nicely; squished and tore... Then on a whim I bought the Orblue bread knife and was immediately thrilled with the look and feel of the knife.... And then it cut through my homemade bread like nothing.... It didn't tear and I didn't have to push to get it to slice.....I even oil it and use it to Lance my bread dough before it goes in the oven (normally a process requiring a razor blade!)..... Oh, and it cuts tomatoes beautifully also!
Love this knife!

Steamer Basket, Fits 8 Qt Instant Pot
Steamer basket

Looks to be made solid for steaming veggies in our Crock Pot Express Multi Cooker

Best bread knife on the market.

Purchased our first bread knife about six months ago and fell in love with it first use. I have now ordered a second one for our beach house ... five stars is not enough ...

Fantastic cofee spoon

This is just what I was looking for! Excelent quality in these 2 spoons of 15 and 30 ml. I take 4-5 decaf coffees per day an I like to grind the coffe beans an be very precise with tha amount to put in my italian coffee machine. What I like more is the feeling of high quality of the product. I’ll come back for sure to orblue to check out more products.

Excellent Bread knife

This is the best bread knife I have ever owned.

Best Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover

My dad bought a green silicone Orblue cast iron skillet handle cover for me many years ago, and I have loved it ever since. It works great for Wagner Ware and Griswold cast iron skillets of all sizes. I recently decided that I need another so I won't have to switch back and forth when using multiple pans. The red one that I just bought is exactly like the green one I have, and I love it. Thank you, Orblue.

good ax

Easy to use with enough weight

Works like a charm

This makes breadmaking a breeze. No more dough sticking to my fingers.

Very Sharp

Fits perfectly in my kit, always there when I need it.

Sturdy and Beautiful

I have recently purchased and installed these two, one outside on a terrace and one inside in a lounge. Especially considering the price, this product is very impressive. I have yet to see any wear or tear on either of them, despite Canada's famous wet spring attempting to wreak havoc on it. They were easy to install as well and would recommend this product to anyone.

Best kitchen helper

I love this pastry cutter. I use it for many many things. It is sturdy and very well made. So glad I bought this item.

Great Value for quality

Hi Guys I just was looking for a Coffee Spoon to put my coffee in in my filter for my coffee machine so I ordered yesterday to my amaze it come today I ordered from Amazon first time using this company I mean Orblue What can I say I look for quality products Because as a restaurant owner for Indian restaurants I’m always looking for catering shops what do the best equipment to my amaze I’ve ordered I’ve just got them and they are two separate spoons one is For 30ml & the smaller one is 15ml & on each Spoon for the small Scoops on the front it says 1Tbsp & The larger scoop 2Tbsp I think that is fantastic they can be used as measurements for other things not just coffee are very plus point turn the spoon over 100% stainless steel 18/8 and a magnificent Company name Orblue.Now I know how much quality they have in a scoop I’ll be looking out for what other products they sell and they sell quite a lot of catering products that’s fantastic and seen by the quality just of the scoop I wouldn’t have to worry about the quality for any other product of theirs thank you very much it’s a great product and I cannot wait to buy other products take care bless Ziaul Monaf

Spaghetti Pasta Measure
Jacqueline Gosselin

No more extra spaghetti in compost. I cook exactly what I need.

Flatware Pie Server
Brenda Miller
pie cutter

I just received my order of two. Haven't used them yet, but they are good guality.

Onion Goggles
Tim Thomas
Quality product

Just received my Orblue onion goggles. First impressions are that they are well made and fit securely. I would have appreciated a little more foam/padding between the face and the frames (there’s a few gaps), but time will tell as to whether they prevent “onion tears”.

Neeeded device

th quality are the best qualities

Perfect Cleaver

Wow! This is a replacement for a cleaver that has fallen apart, we were very impressed by it's weight, angle of the blade for rocking over Garlic and herbs to chop finer. The handle is solid, 3 rivet and an easy grip. As an ex chef I would advise everyone to add this to your kitchen utensils. My lovely absolutely loves this cleaver compared to our previous, she feels more in control due to it's size and weight. We'll be checking out more Orblue products and recommending to friends.
Nice job Orblue.

Balanced and easy to handle

This is my first ever butcher knife, and I can honestly say it is one the best purchases I've made in quite some time.

The weight, handle/grip is very comfortable...making it easy and SAFE for a novice like me to use.

Thank you.

Great Press

Outstanding Garlic press. Works great and cleans easy. The added husk remover works pefect. Second one I have purchased.

Excellent wine opener

This wine opener arrived in a beautiful wooden case complete with an extra corkscrew and foil remover. It would make a beautiful gift. It works like a charm as it eases even stubborn corks out of its bottle neck. I have owned this wine gadget for about 10 months and I use it a couple times a week. Works like a charm and orblue provides excellent customer service.

I would give this knife 10 stars if I could!

After working my way through some very expensive bread knives that did not do a very good job on crisp bread crust, I found this after doing a broad search for "the best bread knife." For me, it is exactly that. It is sharp enough to cut easily through my Tartine sourdough crust. Great for soft vegetables like tomatoes too. It is a very nice looking knife, light weight to boot. Arrived with a tip protector. I use blade protectors for the knives I care about so I keep it in a drawer (not a knife block). I am tempted to buy a second one just to have a back-up. GREAT knife!

Excellent little tool

I’m really pleased with these useful little guys. A big help with bread making and heavy batter mixes. Well made, terrific quality and quick delivery. Thanks.

Absolutely brilliant!

I truly doubted they would fit my miscellaneous bowls, pots and pans but guess what??? It works fabulously! My best purchase this year! Thanks so much

So much better than a grater

It is so worth it to have a zester, especially one that has a cover to protect you while it's in your drawer. This is a safer way to zest, works so much faster and is easy to get the zest off and into your recipe. Great price, too!