ORBLUE 14-piece Silicone Food-Grade Kitchen Utensil Set with Caddy for Storage

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Do your ladles and spatulas leave ugly scratch marks on your beautiful pots and pans?</b><br><br> Dismay. That's usually the first thing that comes to mind you see a long gash or multiple scratches on your favorite pots and pans, especially if you own lovely coated cookware. Aside from ruining their appeal, it also paves the way for further damage as moisture and oil enter those cracks and wreak havoc from within.<br><br> This is why many people turn to silicone cooking utensils. Unfortunately, these also have their own set of issues, from melted heads to overly bendable necks and stems. But not all silicone cooking utensils are created equal. Some are durable, safe, and convenient, making them a great addition to any kitchen.<br><br

✅ 15 PREMIUM KITCHEN TOOLS: Our cooking utensils set includes 14 classy and durable utensils and a nifty holder to keep them all in place. It has everything you need for all your culinary endeavors!

✅ COOK WITHOUT WORRIES: The entire kitchen cooking utensils set is made from food-grade silicone. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that every meal you cook is safe for your family.

✅ BUILT TO LAST - The non-corrosive stainless steel handles have heat-proof silicone covers to protect your hands from burns. The heads are made from durable silicone. These cooking utensils were built to be a one-time purchase to last for generations.

✅ NO MELTED UTENSILS: The handles and heads of our stainless steel and silicone cooking utensils can take heat of up to 446℉ (230℃). Use them in boiling water or hot oil without fear.

✅ NO-FRILLS CLEANING: Our kitchen utensils for cooking are convenient to clean. You can hand-wash them with mild soap and water or toss them in the dishwasher. Regardless, cleaning them is a breeze!