ORBLUE Cake Knife and Server Set - Stainless Steel Serving Utensils for Wedding, Party

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ORBLUE Cake Knife and Server Set

Do you want picture-perfect cake-cutting photos?

Most special occasions are celebrated with an extravagant cake. When you have a beautiful layered dessert, it deserves an equally stunning set of cutting utensils. This way, when it’s time to take photos of you slicing the first piece, everything looks gorgeous.

cake knife server set

For your next big event, don’t just settle for a nice cake and a remarkable table setup. Make sure you have the right cake serving set to match, one that not only looks good but is durable, too!

Pair your elegant cake with the beautiful and durable ORBLUE Cake Knife and Server Set!

Our slicing and serving tools are both stylish and practical pieces that will serve you and your guests for a long time. Made with premium quality stainless steel from Japan, this cake knife and server set won’t easily rust, corrode, or lose its color.

cake knife server set

Our sharp, intricately-designed cake knife will not drag when you are cutting into a cake nor will you need to exert too much pressure when slicing. It easily slices through multiple cake layers so you can enjoy a beautifully-sliced cake from top to bottom.

With an ideal length of 13.5 inches, our knife is longer than a standard chef’s knife. This means it can effortlessly slice an 8-, 9-, or 10-inch cake or pie in a single swoop. The 11.5-inch long cake server is also spacious enough to hold large cake slices. With this set, you get a picturesque slice every single time.

Still not convinced? Here are additional reasons to make you love this cake knife and server set:

✅ Won’t rust or corrode
✅ Plated color won’t fade easily
✅ Aesthetically pleasing
✅ Ideal gift for couples, parents, and loved ones

cake knife serving utensils for wedding

Impress your guests with your fine taste in cutlery. Add the ORBLUE Cake Knife and Server Set to your cart TODAY!

🍰 SERVE YOUR CAKE IN STYLE - A beautiful cake deserves an equally beautiful cake cutting set. With a classy etched filigree design and shiny finish, our silver set is sure to match any elegant table setup.

🍰 CUTS SMOOTHLY - Cut through layers of cake effortlessly with our wedding cake knife. Featuring a sharp blade, a long reach, and an ergonomic handle, it does a neat job of slicing any cake or pie.

🍰 DAINTY BUT DURABLE - Some cake server sets look high-end but are disappointingly flimsy. Ours is made of one-piece stainless steel which is strong and durable enough to withstand decades of use.

🍰 DEPENDABLE QUALITY - Our cake knife has a 420 stainless steel handle, a 2Cr13 blade, and a length of 13.5 inches. Our pie server is made of 304 stainless steel and has a length of 11.5 inches.

🍰 EXCEPTIONAL GIFT IDEA - When it comes to house gifts, kitchen items are always appreciated. Our cake knife and server set comes in a nice, gift-ready package designed for any special occasion.