Orblue Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack and Holder w/Universal Mounting Kit and Screws, Chrome Undercabinet Rack, Up to 9 Wine Glasses

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The Orblue Undercabinet Rack is an elegant yet cost‐effective addition to your kitchen cabinet corner which allows you to set‐up a minimalist and professional looking minibar without consuming much space. It has a glossy and oleophobic chrome finish that provides a sleek accent to your kitchen

Why Choose Orblue Wineglass Rack?

●Oleophobic coating prevents oils, grime and moisture from sticking on its surface, providing you with a single‐wipe‐to‐clean functionality, enabling your set‐up to always have that guest‐ready sleek and neat look.

●Chrome finish resists oxidation, which apart from the professional gloss that it provides, also resists rusting and discoloration over time.

●Heat‐tempered steel provides a stable hold to your wine glass, preventing them from slipping or falling accidentally.

●Ergonomic spacing allows for a one‐handed dispensing of your glassware.

●Includes a universal mounting kit with screws and anchors that fit in any standard kitchen cabinets.

To install, measure to check the clearance between the bottom of your cabinets and the top of your counter and choose your optimum placement. For harder wood installations, pre‐drill a pilot hole with a 1/8‐inch bit. For gypsum and other soft materials, use the provided anchors.

Why Choose the Orblue brand?

Here in Orblue, we focus more on research, development and quality assurance. We believe that the best‐selling point of a store should always lie on its ability to make a difference in terms of quality. This is the reason why you should trust us. We are a brand that focuses on quality and even a lifelong customer support to ensure the best possible user experience.

  • The Orblue under cabinet rack comes fully furnished and ready to mount providing more kitchen real estate by saving space on your counter. Glossy and oleophobic chrome finish provides a sleek and minimalist look that accents all kitchen, cabinetry and counter designs.
  • Comes with a universal mounting kit that includes 2 types of screws and anchors, EMPOWERING the AVERAGE AMERICAN HOMEOWNER to quickly install this wine glass rack and a produce a counter that emulates a PROFESSIONAL SET‐UP, making your wine and glass display an ideal eye candy for your visitors.
  • Holds 9 Wine Glasses Securely: Wine glass rack is designed to fit 3‐inch diameter bases to store up to 9 glasses without slipping or disturbing adjoining glasses. Oleophobic finish delivers a SINGLE‐WIPE to clean feature, thus preventing oil and grime to stay on it, thereby providing secure and neat mounting.
  • Modular and compact design enables you to fit and install as much racks as possible in the smallest kitchen corners. Fits comfortably well under standard kitchen cabinets and its minimalist design compliments kitchen decors perfectly.
  • Industrial‐grade steel construction has been heat tempered and crafted intricately to last up to 25 years without rusting, thanks to its oxidation resistant coating. Durable storage for flutes, snifters, and glasses. Its ERGONOMIC SPACING allows for one‐handed dispensing of glasses without any fear of slipping or falling.