Orblue Tea Bag Squeezer 2-Pack

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Shaped like a pair of tongs,this Tea Bag Squeezer is the essential tool for tea drinkers.

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1. This makes removing tea bags from a mug simple and safe — no more burned fingers or dropped bags, and no more fumbling with two
    spoons trying to fish the bag out of the cup.
2. The tool is designed with a solid plate and a strainer-type plate, so you can easily extract every last drop of flavor and then throw the
    bag away without any mess.
3. An ergonomic handle makes for both a comfortable and secure grip, and allows the tool to be used with only one hand.
4. It is made with stainless steel, so it won’t bend, break, or flex.
5. It is dishwasher- safe but also easy to clean in the sink.

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tea spoons for hot tea
  • Convenience at its finest: The tea bag squeezer makes preparing hot tea simple & safe. Easily remove excess water from tea bags without getting your fingers wet or burned.
  • Flavor up your tea time: Get more out of your tea bags and into your cup. One of the tong's plates is a strainer, allowing for easy & effective extraction.
  • Time-saving: Quickly and easily squeeze tea bags, allowing for a faster preparation time. Because spoons were not built for that.
  • Mess-free zone: No more drips and spills on your countertops.
  • Gift like no other: Perfect present for the tea lover in your life.