Orblue Stainless Steel Bread Lame, Dough Scoring Tool for Artisan Bread, 12 Blades Included

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Looking for a tool to help you create deep, beautiful cuts on your loaves and pastries?

Ever saw wonderfully cut boules or baguettes that inspired you to start baking? You're not alone. Many aspiring bakers have tried to replicate these intricate patterns and mouth-watering designs. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it looks.

One of the main reasons it’s so difficult to create these cuts is because novice bakers tend to use the wrong scoring tool. Truth is, a knife won't cut it when you’re creating detailed patterns on your dough. You need something sharper and specifically designed for producing those delicate marks often seen on professionally-baked goodies.

Create delicious bread with beautiful, intricate cuts with the Orblue Bread Lame!

Scoring releases the gas and moisture trapped inside the dough and lets the bread "bloom" as it bakes. Leaving a long gash or several small slices on the dough also prevents chaotic and random tearing on the bread's surface.

Achieving smooth, clean cuts is now easier than ever. Unlike regular knives that leave gaping holes and ragged edges on your bread, our bread lame uses sharp curved blades that give you fine, delicate cuts with pronounced “ears” or dramatic flaps on your dough.

This bread lame set comes with 12 extra blade replacements to keep you covered for a good long while. The razor-sharp edge of our blades allows you to dig deep into the dough, and makes scoring and slashing a much more effortless undertaking. For safe and easy storage, we’ve also included a pouch to sheathe the blade and a plastic case for the lame.

Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons you'll love our bread lame:

🍞 Easy to clean
🍞 1-year warranty
🍞 Perfect gift for baking enthusiasts

Get creative and give your homemade breads your own signature style. Add the Orblue Bread lame to your cart TODAY!
  • YOUR BREAD, YOUR STYLE - Our lame bread tool holds the razor-sharp blade at a curved angle allowing you to create deep, smooth, and detailed cuts so you can make your bread uniquely yours.
  • EASY & COMFORTABLE TO USE - The wooden handle on our scoring tool is designed to be just the right length, while the lame itself is well-weighted to ensure a speedy and steady hand while scoring.
  • STEADY, PRECISE CUTS - Our bread scoring knife is equipped with a reliable blade holder to keep the blade from slipping or wobbling as you cut through the dough, ensuring smooth, clean cuts every time.
  • SAFELY STORE IT - This set includes a pouch for storing blades and a plastic case for the lame itself. This protects the tool from dust and damage and minimizes accidents in the kitchen.
  • PREMIUM DESIGN & BUILD - The elegant wooden handle and stainless steel stick does not only lend a premium look to our bread lame, but also offers exceptional durability for long-term use.