PRO Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater w/ Protect Cover

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COMFORTABLE TO USE & BUILT TO LAST ✦✧✦ The blade of the classic Grater-Zester is extremely sharp made of stainless steel that won't rust, and it is combined with a non-slip handle that is comforatble to use. The curved sides are distinctive that makes it exceptionally rigid and allow you to apply more force when it's necessary.

IMPROVE YOUR COOKING ✦✧✦ Your family and friends will be amazed with your your latest, restaurant-like recipes. Put strong new flavours with freshly zested ingredients on your food without adding the bitter pith taste of citrus fruits. You can also use this grater with hard cheeses like parmesan, to get a fine pile of cheese that melts almost instantly on hot pasta.

ZESTING & GRATING HAVE NEVER BEEN SO SIMPLE ✦✧✦ Use this with practically no pressure when shearing the hardest cheese to make fluffy grated cheese. Just zip the cutter-knife across the rinds of oranges, lemons and limes. This can also help you produce finely grated garlic or ginger instantly. And also use this to make flaky chocolate or add coconut and nutmeg flavor to your all time favorite desserts.

EASY TO CLEAN ✦✧✦ You will love that this go to kitchen tool is a dishwasher safe, but you can also wash it by hand for proper care. Rinse immediately after use and use a kitchen brush on the underside of the blade to clean out tough to reach particles.Also, comes with a plastic cover to slip on for safe storage.

LIFETIME WARRANTY ✦✧✦ ORBLUE got your back with our lifetime warranty on all our products.Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to get your zester/grater risk-free!