Precision Boning Knife

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  • Orblue boning knife makes removing bones quick and easy; it even slides under "silver skin", removing that connective tissue without losing any meat.
  • The thin boning knife blade bends tight around bones without breaking and takes some abuse before it needs re-steeling; neither point nor does the blade require frequent sharpening.
  • The sharp tip of this butcher boning knife pierces all tissue types and the whole meat knife is well-balanced to cut through raw meat without hand strain.
  • Durable knife constructed of quality stainless steel that will not rust; excellent for a professional chef or home cook; versatile enough to cut meat or peel and cut up fruits or vegetables.
  • Orblue professional boning knives mean total kitchen convenience; dishwasher safe with a smooth surface that makes cleaning simple and they take up almost no space in the drawer or rack.