ORBLUE Danish Dough Whisk with Silicone Covered-Handle, Stainless Steel Mixer

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Having a difficult time mixing your bread dough?

Both new and professional bakers know how challenging it can be to properly bring bread dough together, especially when there's a lot of flour to incorporate into the mixture. You can use a wooden spoon as many bakers do, but although they're effective they're not the most efficient tool for the job.

Luckily, there is one baking tool that can help make mixing batter and dough a lot easier. And it's so effective in mixing wet and dry ingredients that you won't even think about baking without this utensil at hand again.

Make mixing batter and dough less stressful and tiring with the ORBLUE Dough Whisk!

Our dough whisk has 3 circular coils of varying sizes. This unique design, as well as the thick wires and durable construction, lets you mix stiff and heavy dough more effectively than a traditional whisk and more thoroughly than a wooden spoon.

This dough whisk is flat and has fewer wires than the traditional balloon whisk, which means that there's less surface area that comes into contact with the dough. This feature allows our baking tool to slice and cut through dense bread dough much easier, thereby more effectively mixing wet and dry ingredients without requiring much effort.

The design also makes it easier to scrape dough along the sides and bottom of the mixing bowl. This way you can be sure that all bits and pieces of dough in the bowl are mixed well and properly.

Still not sure? Here are more details about our dough whisk to help you decide:

🍞 Dishwasher-friendly

🍞 Available in red or black handles

🍞 Perfect present for beginners and professional bakers


Make quick work out of mixing heavy dough. Add the ORBLUE Dough Whisk to your cart TODAY!

  • MIX THOROUGHLY - Our danish whisk is designed to easily glide through batters and doughs. This way you're sure both your wet and dry ingredients are completely mixed.

  • NO MORE OVERWORKED DOUGH - Use to blend mixtures more effectively and efficiently to reduce the chances of over-mixing your batter or dough. Enjoy perfectly tender bread, muffins, and pancakes!

  • NON SLIP, NO HAND FATIGUE - The stainless steel handle is covered with soft silicone that prevents slipping. It takes the strain away from your wrists and forearm as you whisk so you get more whisking done with less effort.

  • MADE TO LAST - The hand mixer is made with sturdy stainless steel wires that can withstand rust. It cuts through heavy batters so you can mix even the stiffest doughs without it bending or breaking.

  • NO-FRILLS CLEAN UPS - The polished stainless steel, minimal surface area, fully sealed handle-whisk connection and lack of cracks on our baking mixer prevent dough from getting stuck. You can wash it under running water or put it inside your dishwasher for a breezy clean-up.