How To Achieve Victory In A Cooking Contest


Competitions are still one way of really gauging the strength of a person or even of a product. People join contests to prove their worth or if not try to see how they could respond to the expected comparisons, the consequence of beating the competitors off.

For the performing Arts like dancing, people realize a next door out. Contests involving the need show talent or ability, sets criteria in choosing the most wanted winning throne. One problem in contests is the incidences of fraud caused by contest organizers, some unfairness from the jurors or judges.

There is one contest that is far from the flaws mentioned above. It is the cooking contests. Cooking is a good past time and as a contest it I has the most unbiased results. Does it end there? No of course. There are helpful steps to join in debates and to go home away with the bacon.

1. Read and follow directions carefully. Directions are part of the contest. A misunderstanding will cause a big effect if neglected.

2. Creativity is the key. Watch food trends and adapt your recipe accordingly. Try to use your own means to discover ways on how to keep your skill improving.

3. Do not use abbreviations. If asked to write the recipe down, show industry and do not use short cuts.

4. Simplicity and ease of preparation make winning recipes. Do not act hurried or look so pressured.

5. Use accurate U.S. measurements. Measurement will affect the taste of your recipe so be keen about it.

6. Garnish is very important. Always remember–eyes eat first. Catch attention and later the taste.

8. Analyze recipes that have won previous contests. There may be a trend in the taste of judges or organizers.

9. Be sure ingredients used are readily available. For you not to cram and destroy your own show, be very prepared.

10. Keep up with current diet and health trends. Health is wealth.

11. Write preparation directions in complete sentences. Think of the receivers of your work. Consider their understanding. And how you could help.

12. List ingredients in order of use.

13. Study your favorite cookbook.

14. Be creative when naming your dish.

15. Streamline a recipe by combining steps.

16. Adapt a recipe for a different occasion.

17. Create a recipe using ingredients that were once considered unusual but are now readily available in your grocery.

18. Consider a dish’s versatility.

19. Look for ways to enhance flavor.

20. Create a new shape or appearance for an old recipe.

21. Include the size of any dish, pots, pans, or casseroles used.

22. State the cooking temperatures and time needed to cook the dish.

23. Give the number of servings. Be realistic. “Serves four” is different from “four servings.”

24. The recipe should have wide appeal.

25. Type or print your recipe.

26. Double-check the contest rules.

27. Make a copy of your recipe. Always make a copy of your recipe for your files.

28. Use a separate envelope for each recipe entry.

29. Your recipe must be original. Originality is a very big edge over others. It will show how creative one really is.

Cook. Express. Win.

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