Nut Milk Bag, 12"x12" Recyclable Almond Milk Bag (3-pack)

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  • NOur 12" x 12" nut milk bag features no corners, so food can't get trapped & form bacteria
  • Fine mesh strainer is FDA-approved & BPA-free so it's safe to filter almond nut milk, fruits & veggies
  • Reusable almond milk bag features holes 200 microns in size so it filters even the smallest particles from foods. Sieve fine mesh can also be used as a cheesecloth and even outperforms hemp & cheese cloth - It's fast to use & easy to clean up
  • Nylon juicing strainer has double-stitched seams so it's designed to stand up well even after repeated use. Each filtration bag withstands up to 150 uses and can also be used to filter cold brew coffee
  • Having 3 nut milk bags in a set is good because you don’t have to keep washing one almond milk bag over and over again. There is always a clean fine mesh strainer handy while leaving another one nut milk bag in grandma’s house.